DMX Imaging Identifies Hidden
Car Accident / Whiplash Injuries Often
Missed by Traditional X-rays and MRIs

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Now You Can Have Objective Evidence
of Real Whiplash Injuries Never Seen Before

        If you have neck or back pain from an Auto Accident, Sports Injury, Work Injury there is a good chance you may be suffering from a Whiplash Injury! It is critical to obtain an accurate diagnosis as soon as possible. There is a very good chance you are suffering from damage to your spinal ligaments that has not been adequately diagnosed!!!

   There is a test which can accurately and objectively identify excessive motion/damage to the Spinal Ligaments often caused by a Whiplash trauma.  

      DMX Imaging specializes in the detection of Spinal Ligament Injury. The best (gold standard) test to evaluate spinal ligament injury is Digital Motion Fluoroscopic Stress X-Ray (DMX) with Computerized Radiographic Measurement Analysis (CRMA). 

      Our studies are evaluated and reports are rendered by Board Certified Medical Radiologists

Here are just a few FACTS that you should know!

  • Standard X-Ray and MRI can not readily detect excessive motion and spinal ligament laxity/damage … you need Digital Motion Fluoroscopic Stress X-Ray Study with CRMA.
  • The Most Severe Injuries are Soft Tissue(Spinal Ligament) Injuries; a fractured bone will heal much faster and easier.
  • DMX and CRMA can detect which ligaments are injured, their location, and degree of injury so physicians can effectively treat and manage these injuries.
  • Spinal ligament damage can occur during low speed collisions.
  • If you are involved in a personal injury case, it is crucial that all of your injuries are correctly identified and documented to receive the full benefits you may be entitled.

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Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX) imaging is revolutionary, and it’s changing lives across the United States:

  • Car accident victims finally know why you have chronic pain.
  • Doctors have a cutting-edge test to accurate diagnose patients’ ligament damage, soft-tissue injuries and joint dysfunction.
  • Attorneys have clear, indisputable Proof of Injury that wins proper settlements for their clients.

DMX Provides an X-Ray Movie of your Injury
During a traditional, static x-ray, the technician tells you to hold your breath and not move. During a DMX test, you’re told to deliberately move your head backward and forward while the DMX takes a rapid series of x-rays to capture the action. These continuous x-ray images, known as fluoroscopy, are then shown on a monitor.

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DMX Helps Patients        Heal Faster
You’re still in pain weeks or months after the car accident caused you a whiplash injury. Learn how a DMX imaging test uncovers the real source of your pain so you receive the best treatment.
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DMX Helps Doctors Diagnose Hidden Injuries
When patients come to you after a car accident complaining of whiplash symptoms like headaches, neck pain and stiffness, this breakthrough technology can detect the real source of their pain.
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DMX Helps Attorneys Win Proper Settlements
Your client suffered serious whiplash injuries from a car accident but the medical tests are inconclusive and do not substantiate your client’s injury. Discover how our revolutionary diagnostic tool can give you the indisputable evidence you need to win maximum settlements.
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