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DMX Imaging Identifies Hidden Car Accident Injuries Missed by
Traditional X-rays and MRIs

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The Future in X-Ray Imaging Is Here Right Now
to Help Car Accident Whiplash Victims,
Doctors and Attorneys

Shandon Thompson
My name is Dr. Shandon Thompson. I am the director of DMX Imaging in Ashburn, Virginia. We are proud to be the premier healthcare company in Northern Virginia to provide this leading-edge diagnostic imaging service.

When I first saw a demonstration of Digital Motion X-ray (DMX) technology, I was amazed. I realized that I was witnessing a revolutionary diagnostic tool that could transform the lives of many people with chronic undiagnosed pain. DMX is often the only test available that can identify hidden injuries to ligaments and joints.

An X-Ray Movie of the Body in Motion

Traditional x-rays, CT scans and MRIs must be performed while a patient is perfectly still. Digital Motion X-ray takes a rapid series of x-rays while the patient is moving the injured part of their body. For example, car accident victims with undiagnosed whiplash injuries slowly move their head forward and backward to simulate the whiplash action that occurred at the moment of impact. DMX takes 30 individual x-rays per second to create the x-ray “movie.”

The typical DMX video study takes about 15 minutes. The video is then copied onto a DVD for immediate viewing. Our board certified medical radiologist will complete a written report to accompany the DVD within one week. Both can be provided to your physician, insurance company and attorney if needed.

Can DMX Help You?

Patients – Are you suffering from chronic headaches, pain in the neck or upper back upon movement, or other joint pain following a motor vehicle collision or other trauma? DMX can uncover the real cause of your symptoms. Learn more

Doctors – If your patient is not progressing and other imaging tests are negative, DMX can identify the real problem so that you can help your patient heal. Learn more… 

Attorneys – If an insurance company has denied benefits and fair compensation to your client because traditional tests don’t show an injury, DMX can provide indisputable evidence. DMX has helped attorneys win big cash settlements for their clients, sometimes above the normal policy limits. DMX Cash Settlements   

Since its introduction in 1992, Digital Motion X-ray (DMX) technology has become an invaluable diagnostic imaging tool for physicians, patients, insurance companies and attorneys across the country. Now it can help you, too.


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