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road accident claimIt’s a familiar story for attorneys. Your client, Joe, suffered serious whiplash injuries from an accident when his car was hit hard from behind. His neck whipped backward and forward violently. And now he has chronic headaches, neck pain and stiffness. His doctor ordered x-rays, a CT scan and an MRI, but all those tests showed no evidence of injuries. Weeks after the accident, Joe is still in pain and has no idea why he’s hurting.

How to Help your Clients Win in Court

It’s time to bring Digital Motion X-ray technology to court and win proper settlements for your clients. A DMX exam detects hidden whiplash injuries that traditional diagnostic tests can’t detect. Sample DMX report
Often whiplash injuries are caused by damage to ligaments in the neck. This results from the sudden back and forth motion of the motorist’s head and neck when their car is hit from behind. The ligaments are stretched and become loose and painful.

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How DMX Uncovers Hidden Injuries

Digital Motion X-Ray technology creates a “motion picture” out of a series of x-rays taken while the patient moves their neck. That’s how DMX can detect ligament injuries that only reveal themselves during movement. Since pain increases when the neck is moved, it’s only logical that injuries should be examined “in motion.”

DMX Case Studies Reveal Big Cash Settlements

In January 2001, a 19-year-old woman was involved in an SUV rollover crash. After several days in the hospital she was discharged. Her ongoing headaches, neck pain, and increased pain with movement were undiagnosed by static x-rays, MRI and CT. In August 2001, a Digital Motion X-Ray test was performed.

As a result of the objective evidence offered by DMX, her insurance company settled at mediation in June 2002 for $750,000. They had originally offered her nothing because they didn’t believe she was injured.

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Go to Court and Win with DMX

Digital Motion X-Ray provides objective documentation of ligament injuries that could never be seen before. This proof of injury helps you take control of your depositions, arbitrations, mediations and courtroom presentations and win big settlements for clients’ whiplash road accident claims.

With the help of DMX, attorneys are routinely receiving insurance policy maximums for their clients’ whiplash road accident claims. Imagine what you can accomplish for your clients!

Does your Client Need DMX?

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Could a Hidden Whiplash Injury Be the Problem?

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