DMX Helps Doctors Diagnose Hidden Injuries from Whiplash & Road Accident Claims

When a patient comes to you after a car accident complaining of whiplash symptoms like headaches and neck and shoulder pain, you know what to do. You order static x-rays, CTs or MRI scans in hopes that they will identify the actual source of pain. Although these tests readily reveal many types of problems and conditions, they are often incapable of detecting injuries of the ligaments.

Now, thanks to Digital Motion X-ray’s breakthrough technology, you can quickly and easily detect a sub-failure ligament injury. This type of injury stretches and loosens the ligament (unlike a complete failure injury that actually tears the ligament). As a result, your patient continues to experience headaches at the base of skull, as well as neck, shoulder and upper back pain for weeks or months after the accident.

How DMX Uncovers Ligament Injuries

DMX detects ligament injuries by creating a “motion picture” out of a series of x-rays taken while your patient moves their neck. Since the pain increases with motion, it’s only logical that your patient’s injuries should be examined “in motion.” With DMX, you can actually see which ligaments are injured in as little as 15 minutes. Sample DMX report

You don’t need to buy this equipment because DMX Imaging, LLC in Ashburn already has it and can perform the test on your patient for you. We are the premier facility in Northern Virginia to provide this technology.

Take this quick quiz to see if your patient may be suffering from a hidden whiplash injury.

Fast, Accurate Diagnosis for Effective Treatment

Our Digital Motion X-ray technology provides many benefits for your medical practice such as:

  • Make the most informed and reliable diagnosis
  • Provide proof of injury for road accident claims
  • Increase patient compliance and understanding
  • Detect ligament injuries objectively
  • Substantiate patient care

Does your Patient Need Relief from a Whiplash Injury?

For more information about our Digital Motion X-ray diagnostic service and road accident claims, call 703-777-1234 today or contact us online to talk to Dr. Shandon Thompson about your patient’s injuries. DMX Imaging, LLC in Ashburn is the premier source in Northern Virginia to provide this breakthrough technology.

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