DMX Imaging Identifies Hidden Car Accident Injuries Missed by Traditional X-rays and MRIs

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Uncover the Real Cause of Undiagnosed Pain
From a Whiplash Accident

Routine x-ray studies and expensive MRI scans often fail to detect common whiplash accident injuries like ligament damage, soft-tissue injuries and joint dysfunction particularly in the cervical (neck) spine. That’s why so many car accident victims are left to suffer needlessly with chronic undiagnosed pain.

DMX Takes an X-ray Movie of your Body in Motion

Since most injuries happen when you’re in motion, it makes sense that images of your body in motion can shed new light on how the injury occurred. Digital Motion X-Ray’s revolutionary technology, known as fluoroscopy, produces 30 x-rays per second while the patient is in motion. The images appear on a video monitor. This “body in motion” technology makes it possible to identify injuries that regular x-rays and expensive traditional MRIs can’t detect.

Can DMX Imaging Help You?

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Unprecedented Information about Hidden Injuries

DMX’s x-ray movie objectively illustrates how the injury occurred, what structures are involved and the precise location and severity of the injury. This objective information can be life changing for patients, doctors and attorneys who represent accident victims.

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How DMX Benefits You

PATIENTS – You finally know the real reason you’re in pain. Now that you have an accurate diagnosis, your doctor can give you the best treatment for your recovery. Learn more

DOCTORS – You finally have test results that diagnose your patients’ hidden injuries. Now you can give your patients the proper treatment they need to heal and not be in chronic pain. . Learn more

ATTORNEYS – You finally have objective, third-part documentation of injuries that didn’t appear on x-rays or MRIs. Now you can go to court with confidence and win bigger settlements for your clients. Learn more

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